Extreme Telephoto Lenses

Extreme Telephoto Lenses

The lenses on this page are extremely rare, and are no longer manufactured. Each represents different milestone achievements in design of photographic optics. These lenses are "collectible" in that devotees of advanced photographic optics purchase them because they are rarely seen on the market and generally increase in value over time. Each of the lenses listed is in outstanding condition, almost like new. Please refer to the descriptions for details. The lenses, with the right adapters, can be used with digital still cameras or c-mount video cameras (please contact us for additional information).

The 1200mm Canon lens below is the longest primary lens ever manufactured. It is extremely rare, and in superb condition. When the included 3X converter is attached, a 3600mm focal length can be achieved (a 12" ruler shown below for scale - this lens is incredibly powerful). It has a built in filter holder for easy insertion of filters in the light path.

Canon 1200mm FD-mount f/11 S.S.C. Ultra-Telephoto lens

Lens 1a

This kit includes the lens, built-in lens hood, rack and pinion focusing unit, drop in 48mm filter holder, 3X Teleconverter, integrated tripod mount and lens caps. A B+W 48mm UV filter is also included. 

Lens 1b


Focal length: 1200mm (3600mm with included Teleplus 3X teleconverter) 

Aperture Ratio: 1 :11 

Lens Construction: 5 groups, 7 elements (including a 1-group, 2-element in the focusing unit) 

Coating: S.S.C (super spectra coating) 

Angles of view: Diagonal: 2° 05'; Vertical: 1°10'; Horizontal: 1°40' 

Distance scale: (m) 40 (magnification 0.04X) to 300 OO ((ft) 130 to 1000 OO) 

Focusing: Rack and pinion type by focusing unit, with lock 

Minimum aperture: f/64 

Aperture type: Manual 

Filter type: Focusing unit filter holder drop-in type (includes B+W 48mm UV) 

Hood: Built-in type 

Tripod holder: Built-in type 

Length x max. diameter: 567.5mm x 126mm 

Weight: 3100g. 

Focusing unit length x max. diameter: 285.5mm x 108mm 

Length when focusing unit is attached: 853mm 

Lens mount: Canon FD 

Weight: 6,200g 

This lens is truly extraordinary. From the precision rack and pinion focus mechanism to the minimum f/64 aperture to the beautiful aberration corrected glass to the enormous focal length - it is truly one of a kind. 

As you can see in the photos above, the condition of the lens is flawless. No fungus or discoloration of any kind on the lens, smooth aperture and focus - only a few very minor marks on the exterior lens barrel.

Canon 1200mm FD-mount f/11 S.S.C. Ultra-Telephoto lens with 3X converter

In Stock

Price: $2,500 plus $50 shipping

B.T.L  30 Inch Military Bore-sight Optical System


This is a very unusual and rare military lens. With a focal length of 30 inches, the lens itself from hood to rear lens cap is about 35 inches long. All of the optics appear remarkably clear for a lens of this age, and the adjustments all work well. The white paint is worn off in some places, the there is no evidence of any damage to the lens. The objective lens glass is 3” in diameter (the lens body at the front is about 4.5”). The rear lens glass is 25mm and the threads appear to be 50mm. This appears to be a prime / objective lens of some sort. You will need to work out your own mounting system.

The lens has a built in switchable red and clear filter, manual focus and an additional adjustment that ranges from 0 to .9. There is also a right-angle viewing lens of some sort which threads onto the lens body. In addition to this antique lens, there is a modern set of 2 clamps and mounting rail with standard mounting holes. 

The itself lens weights about 15 pounds. The trunk is wooden, very heavy and sturdy with handles, and it is felt lined. The lens has a built-in desiccant chamber.


B.T.L  30 Inch Military Bore-sight Optical System

In Stock

Price: $1,000 plus $50 shipping

Heinz Kilfitt Fern-Kilar 400 Lens plus 2X to 4X Kilfitt Multipler

This is an incredibly rare lens system of impeccable quality. Starting with the Fern-Kilar 5.6 / 400 lens, the system includes the equally rare Multi-Kilar multiplier which is cranked to differing degrees of magnification from 2X to 4x. 

This is a bright lens, and the objective is 4 inches in diameter  In addition to its native mount, this system also comes with a c-mount adapter. This adapter opens this lens up to some incredible possibilities for video imaging --- c-mount video cameras, digital still cameras with removable lenses, etc. And, the lens comes with a built-in filter holder

The lens system including the extender weighs about seven pounds. The system also includes a hard case for the primary lens.


Heinz Kilfitt Fern-Kilar 400 Lens plus 2X to 4X Kilfitt Multipler

In Stock

Price: $1,500 plus $50 shipping

Wild Heerbrugg 80 Centimeter Optical Rangefinder with All Accessories


This 80 centimeter optical coincident Rangefinder by Wild Heerbrugg is in impeccable condition for its age, and is fully functional and accurate in every respect. As shown in the photos below, there are multiple adjustments that can be made. The device ranges accurately up to 20,000 meters. The package contains the Rangefinder, all built in lens caps, small and large tripods, two filters of some sort, two measuring planks for calibration, and all cases that are built like they were made for war. The unit with all its accessories and metal case weighs about 30 pounds and is 3 feet long. 



Wild Heerbrugg 80 Centimeter Optical Rangefinder with All Accessories

In Stock

Price: $1,500 plus $50 Shipping

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